How to Convert 4K video to MP3 fomarts on Windows 10 8 7 or XP

Why need convert 4k video to MP3 ?

How to convert 4K video to MP3 portable? Firstly, we need a video converting software which supports 4K h.265 to extract MP3 file in 4K video. Solid 4K Video Converter can complete this operation easily. It's a 4K MP3 downloader. And can convert 4K to MP3 and any other audio formats. Finally, it can directly import the edited file into your MP3 device

4K is the four times of the resolution of 2K projector and HD TV, commonly regarded as Ultra HD resolution. Under such a resolution, audiences can watch every detain and every feature in the image., 4K video is ultra hd video with h.265 or h.264 encode , don't play on common computer or mobile device, so need covert the 4k movies to MP3 and then play

Although most of us have not yet use 4K screen, YouTube is ready to response to our replacement plans. In 2008, YouTube started to support 720p HD video. Now, it will be easier for us to identify which part is 4K video, because there will be some marks for 4K. YouTube spokesman said, in 2014, the quantity of 4K upload has increased by three times and the number of searches for terms about 4K keeps rising. So, how to convert 4K YouTube to MP3? We just need to download 4K from YouTube and then import it into Solid 4K Video Converter to conduct format conversion. It's very convenient.

How to covert 4k movies ( h.265 or h.264 ) encode to MP3

1 Free download the 4k to MP3 video conversion software

  • and then install it

2 Open the software and click "Add" the 4k video

  • and then click the output , select the MP3 on the output formats

    3 Solid Video Converter Setting

  • Edit 4K Video befor convert ,you can trim cut ,add text image watermark ,effect, subtitle, norm video or other setting