How to Convert 4K video to MP4 on Windows 10 8 7 XP

There will be no quality loss when we convert 4K video to MP4 by Solid 4K Video Converter.

With more and more hardware devices supporting for 4K Resolution listed, 4K Resolution will be the major video resolution. When to watch, share and edit videos, we will deal with more and more 4K videos. At present, there are many devices supporting 4K Resolution, such as MKV. However, 4K videos we downloaded are mostly in large file sizes. So, it's not convenient for us to share and play them on different mobile devices and social networking sites. In other words, we need to convert 4K to other formats.

4K is a new resolution standard for digital television and digital content. 4K is characterized by its horizontal resolution on the order of 4,000 pixels. In the movie industry, 4K Resolution includes Full Aperture 4K(4096×2664), Academy 4K(3656×2664) and other standards. 4K Resolution does not refer to a special value. It refers to the horizontal resolution of around about 4000 pixels, and there will be differences according to various application fields. 4K Resolution, namely the resolution of 4096×2160 pixels, is the developing direction in the future. 4K Resolution is a quad HD. Audiences can see every detail of image and every feature in such resolution.

MPEG-4 Part 14 or MP4, a widely used video format, is a digital multimedia format with the filename extension of mp4. It’s commonly used to store video and audio. Its major features are flexible operation, convenient communication. Now, all the social networking sites, video sites and mobile devices almost supports MP4.

Solid 4K Video Converter is an video editing and converting software with strong tools. The greatest feature of it is that it supports 4K video input and output. Because of the unique Solid decoding and converting technology, it can convert 4K to MP4 in a remarkably short period of time. The converted video can also keep the high resolution without blank screen and macro blocking.

How to covert 4k movies ( h.265 or h.264 ) encode to mp4

So, Solid 4K Video Converter is the best 4K to MP4 converter. We only need to download and install this software, and then complete 4K to MP4 in just three steps. At the same time, we can also conduct advanced editing to 4K videos, such as trim, merge, add effects, etc.

There will be no quality loss when we convert 4K video to MP4 by Solid 4K Video Converter.

1 Free download the 4k to mp4 video conversion software

  • and then install it

2 Open the software and click "Add" the 4k video


  • and then click the output , select the mp4 on the output formats

    3 Solid Video Converter Setting

    • Edit 4K Video befor convert ,you can trim cut ,add text image watermark ,effect, subtitle, norm video or other setting